The Curse of Money-Laundering
Chander Mehra
  • ISBN : 9788121214124
  • year : 2018
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The GNP of the United States is $16,188 billion for the current year. But no figures are available about US and British black money. After all, Israel, a safe haven would not be in mood to give secrets about the American Jews who reportedly control the US economy, largely that is. On a similar token, it would be hard to find British figures because the capital of safe havens, Cayman Islands, is a British Overseas Territory, How can be find the truth? Little chance. World Bank, ING, Transparency et al provide more than they hide. So, in the absence of clear statistics, India is ranked 94 th corrupt in the world, with war-like Sudan and Somalia with GNPs no more than $300. Mind-boggling trillions! Stolen from the people who are today's faces of hunger, the masses deprived by those who possess dirt money and stash them at places not even known to them on their atlases. How did it all begun: Simple advertisements!