Right to Life and Personal Liberty (Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASHR), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab) Hardback
Dr Shilpa Jain
  • ISBN : 9789382823681
  • year : 2017
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Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASIHR) is a centre for research and excellence which conducts and undertakes research on variety of human rights issues. Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees 'right to life' which is res integra to our Constitution. Article 21 has been subject of judicial interpretation over years and its scope has been expanded by the judiciary so as to give rise to rights which in a literal sense do not exist within the Constitution, or in other words un-enumerated rights. Therefore, CASIHR undertook the work of a case digest on various facet of Article 21 with human rights perspective in its hindsight to analyse upon the basic human rights to which an individual is entitled and overlook the evolution of entire human rights law under the Constitution which in fact has emanated out of liberal and ever expanding scope of Article 21.The aim of this digest is to examine the various aspects of Article 21 of the Constitution, which indeed is the most important rights guaranteed under Part III of the Constitution. However, it is pertinent to observe that Hon'ble Supreme Court has in its capacity as custodian of the Constitution, delivered these judgments so as to ensure basic human rights to the masses of poor and illiterate citizenry of India.