Relevance of Ancient Indian Criminal Justice System in Present Times: With Special reference to Police Administration
S K Chaturvedi
  • ISBN : 9789380397542
  • year : 2016
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While strengthening the philosophy of equity, fairness, due process and rule of law, the objective of criminal justice system is "giving the criminal his due" with probable deterrence of crime in the society. It comprises of Police, Prosecution, Judiciary and Correctional Institution (Jail) of which Police is the initial sub system. Ancient Indian administration speaks about the existence and effective functioning of the police. However in the present people in general seem not to be satisfied with its working and it is greeted with left hand compliment very often by the press, judiciary and man in authority alike. Whether criminal justice system, as prevailed in the ancient times, holds any key in providing some corrective measures for making it responsive and effective? Whether an intimate functional cooperation between police and people may prove to be an effective strategy in containing the rising graph of crime? These are some of the hypothetical queries to which the present study tries to respond.