Regional Planning: Concept, Theory and Practice
Professor Kanan Chatterjee
  • ISBN : 9789351252399
  • year : 2017
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Region, according to the eminent geographers, is economically the most gainful, administratively the most convenient, sectoral and spatial unit where planning is a mere process, economic growth is a mere outcome and general welfare is the ultimate goal. Whether they were large or small, these regions provided the framework for determinist research on the man-environment relationship. To speak of a region is to understand its past, to grasp the attachment, to explain its economic, political and social functioning in a local and world context; it is to address the prospects for its future. The regional planner while visualizing the spatial processes attempt to identify the flows that reflect interdependence among the spatial units in terms of economic activities that bind them. Thus, it is possible to identify in the interrelated spatial sub-systems, one which acts as the dominant over the others; the development of this type of spatial system could be explained in economic terms by factors such as transport cost, economics of scale and agglomeration, while the core one emerges as the dominant, highest order