Nutraceuticals Food Processing Technology: Innovative Scientific Research
Edited by Prof. (Dr.) R.P. Shukla, Dr. R.S. Mishra, Dr Abhishek Duth Tripathi,
  • ISBN : 9788193317204
  • year : 2017
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This book presents not only innovative food ideas for the management of proper nutrition, but also the processes and scientific research which lead to these inventive and modern treatment methods. This issue preserves the numerous ideas and contributions made in the field of food science and technology, and lays the foundation for a field of management that will undoubtedly logarithmically expand in the coming years, and change modern society's relationship with processed foods. This book serves as a collection of the most up-to-date ideas and contributions made by researchers in the field of food science, food processing and functional foods. Furthermore, this book demonstrates the current progress and evolution of food processing that will undoubtedly change the lives of millions of people worldwide. This book covers the basics on functional foods, food technologies and dairy technology. With more than 500 scientific references, this book provides students, researchers and professionals with a comprehensive and up-to-date examination of food, dairy, bakery, confectionary and function food. The book provides modern information on functional foods components, including antioxidants, dietary fibers, prebiotics, plant sterols, phytochemicals, bioactive peptides, and flavonoids, as well as the health benefits of bioactive foods. The book presents the latest developments in nutraceuticals, food molecular biology, dairy technology, as well as the marketing and distribution of processed and traditional foods. This book in aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and professionals in the food processing sector to provide an overview of the innovative ideas, recent researches and new product development with raw materials which are creative, palatable and safe to eat.