Nanoelectronics and Sensors
Edited by V. Rajendran, K. Thyagarajah and K.E. Geckeler
  • ISBN : 9789385436949
  • year : 2015
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This book provides an overview of current research in nanoelectronics nanodevice and sensors. Discusses the fundamental fabrications of metal oxide and metal chalcogenide nanofilms based electronics and sensors. The subject of this book enables a deeper understanding of nanoscale electronics and sensor technologies.?It covers wide range of sensors including electrochemical optical mechanical thermal magnetic and biological sensors. Nanoelectronic design fabrication and optimization of hybrid functional nanostructures based devices and its applications as sensor are described in detail. Further the step-by-step design guidelines for the nanostructured electronics and devices and demonstrating the implementation of real devices in the standard sensor environment are included.