Naimisharanya: The Center of Excellence
Dr Mala Chandra and Ramesh Chandra Dixit
  • ISBN : 9788177024005
  • year : 2017
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The present work is an effort to establish the glory of "Naimisharanya" as an oldest University Campus of the World or the Centre of Excellence. This place is also nown as the Satyug ka Teerth'. The Pilgrimage of Satyug which means the most ancient Pilgrimage place on the Earth from where the stream of the great know ledge of Vedas and Purana's spreaded all over the World. I had a privilege to visit "Naimisharanya'. I found the deeply rooted belief and several proofs of the ancient incidents occurred time to time here which co-related my thoughts about the importance of this place when I saw the great banyan tree which is nearly three thousands years old. The Vyas Gaddi, the place where Maharishi Vyas used to gave the knowledge and the Manu Seat where our ancestor used to meditate to attain the salvation and many more places which clearly indicate the great importance of this place from the beginning of civilization. There is a leend about the very important incident which describes the great Conference of knowlede regarding Vedas and Puranas in which nearly Eighty ThousandSages and their disciples took part in this This great event has been described in most of the Purans in detail. This kind of conference of visionary scholars'sages reflects the first concept of University Campus in the World. Apart from this, there are many other places including ancient Temples and the Swayambhu Shivalingas originated in Rudravart area in river Gomti are also the tourist attractions. People visit here from the every part of the country to fulfill their wishes. I hope this Pictorial Book will fulfill the purpose of providing the knwlede and importance of this great land to the tourist as well as to the Readers.