India on the Western Screen:Imaging a Country in Film, TV and Digital Media
Ananda Mitra
  • ISBN : 9789351509776
  • year : 2016
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This book examines the nuances of multiple images?cinema, TV, computer, and smartphones?that feed into the making of a new Indian narrative and showcases an India that is very different from the unilinear notion that used to exist a few decades ago. It elaborates on the critical role of the impressions formed in redefining how the Indian diaspora is imagined and received in the West, which in turn impacts everyday experiences of Indians living there. Building on his earlier book India through the Western Lens: Creating National Images in Film (SAGE 1999), which focused primarily on films, Mitra expands his latest study to new media. Effectively, the book highlights the West?s perception of India based on what is being projected through visual media.