I Want Healthy Kids: A Practical Guide to Building Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits in Children
Alia Almoayed
  • ISBN : 9788121618762
  • year : 2014
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I Want Healthy Kids: A Practical Guide Kids who eat right, stay bright and healthy For children, good nutrition, can determine the quality of the rest of their lives. It can boost their learning, immunity, energy levels and every aspect of their day to day lives through childhood and into adulthood. Improving your childrens health should not be a complicated process. Start planning your familys way to good health today, and let this book daily guide on how to use food and nutrition to your advantage. About the Author: Alia Almoayed Alia Almoayed is a Nutritional therapist qualified at the reputed UK College of Nutrition and Health in London. She runs busy nutrition consultancy in Kingdom of Bahrain, offering nutrition advice to the Middle East community. Author of the Dream Body Eating Plan and co-author of 101 ways of Improve Your Health, she also writes health articles for various publications, conducts lectures and seminars about health and nutrition, and heads a number of weight loss projects. Alia is an active mother of two young children, from whom she derives a big part of her inspiration and motivation to keep kids healthy. She applies most of her nutrition knowledge to her children and also learns a lot from them! Currently, Alia lives in Bahrain, her country to origin, and spends most of her free time on extracurricular activities for her family and herself, An ex-marathon runner, she now focuses her fitness regimen on what loves most: yoga. For more information, nutrition consultations and lectures