Health, Human Rights and Ethics
Ramesh Kumar Sangwan
  • ISBN : 9788131609118
  • year : 2017
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The survival and evolution of human race is linked with the health of individuals and the population at large. All over the world, the concept of right to health and medical ethics have recently emerged from ever-growing consciousness about the dignity of human life, Right to health and health care are the new aspirations of people. Health rights and medical ethics are related to one another. Health rights are exercised by people who use the health services, and medical ethics are reflected in the professional performance of doctors while delivering health services. It is imperative for the doctors to have a continuing medico-legal education and their duty is to comply with the applicable ethical regulations in their daily practice. Not conferring to ethics will be detrimental to the patient. Since patients are becoming increasingly aware of their health rights, doctors have to be conversant with basic ethical issues involved in medical practice. The book Health, Human Rights and Ethics offers the most incisive, compelling analysis of the rights and ethics in health care in the empirically distinct ways in different hospital settings. The book analyses the concepts of rights and ethics in health care in private and government hospital settings. The book will interest anthropologists, sociologists, historians, legal experts, public and private health practitioners, and policy makers.