Handbook of Oral Diseases for Medical Practice
Edited by S.R. Prabhu
  • ISBN : 97801994681195
  • year : 2016
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Medical practitioners, trainees, interns and other health professionals must possess a reasonable amount of clinical knowledge about dental and oral diseases, including their prevention for convenient referrals to general dentists or dental specialists for further opinion and treatment. Medical and health care providers and educators also often fail to lay adequate emphasis on oral health. Medical curricula do not provide specific guidelines with respect to dental training requirements for medical students, specialists, and those involved in health care delivery, and there is very little information available in the form of a book targeted at medical students or practitioners that provides relevant information on different aspects of oral diseases and oral care. Handbook of Oral Diseases for Medical Practice is a guide and a ready reckoner for medicine practitioners who witness oral complaints in their OPDs very commonly and need a reference handbook to assist them prepare the treatment plan.