First Responders Manual of Prehospital Trauma Care Paperback
Dinesh Vyas
  • ISBN : 9789386347213
  • year : 2017
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First Responder's Manual of Prehospital Trauma Care will be an easy to use education tool for all the conscientious citizens willing to serve fellow citizens, in an adverse scenario, of trauma and emergency. Its target audience is firemen, safety officers, policemen, teachers, nurses, drivers, emergency room staffs, medical students, nursing students, surgery residents and surgeons. This manual contributors have stressed the issues related to trauma are describe in a simple, easy to understand language. It is an simple but descriptive resource for layperson first responders describing practical advice on the best care. The focus of the manual is to educate the best standard of care in the prehospital setting in addition learn methods of improvisation. We have stressed on common trauma related issues in critical care through chapters on shock, airway and circulation.