Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management
N Mani
  • ISBN : 9788177084436
  • year : 2017
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Environment has become an important issue in recent years. Environment is characterised by interconnectedness that transcends national/international boundaries and hence international co-operation and national efforts are seminally important to achieve the objectives of (a) equitable access to clean air and water, (b) adaptation and mitigation of climate change, (c) conservation of biodiversity, (d) sustainable forest management and (e) safety in the management of chemicals, wastes and other hazardous substances. Soon after achieving Independence from Britain in 1947, India embarked on a programme of planned economic development with the launching of First Five Year Plan (1951-56). Ever since, the emphasis has been on removal of poverty and unemployment and all possible instruments of economic policy have been used to achieve the twin objectives. However, the euphoria for rapid economic development has created enormous pressure on country