Environment as Capsule: All About Environment Education Informally
Dr S K Nanda IAS
  • ISBN : 9789351248736
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book "Environment as Capsule" is witty informal approach to describe what's happened, is happening, and will happen to the environment. It captures your interest with a revolutionary new approach to understand the environmental science. Some realistic case studies, experiences woven throughout each chapter, uses real-life stories to give you a tangible and engaging framework around which to learn and understand the science behind environmental issues. This book gives us a chance to learn about the stories that go along with all that is going on in our world, pollution, destruction, global warming, or better phrased as climate change. It encompasses the thoroughly expressed information about The Panchatatvas; from the source to finish, but there is a part of it we know so little about. This book is a good read for those who want to know more about our environment and what we and they can do to change, protect and use it wisely by learning it through informal ways. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the world we live in. It inspires all of us to take actions however small to decelerate the destruction to mother earth that human beings have been doing. Environment as Capsule is an excellent overview of the science of the environment, the history of human development and its environmental consequences, and the challenges of environmental policy. A quick read as it delves into material and biotic factors that explain the dynamics of environment. This book explains very scary the issues of disposal of trash, the scarcity of water, the level of pollution in our atmosphere, and how little consideration we have for saving the planet, or thinking about our next generation. Very sobering!