Employer\'s Rights under Labor Laws (6th Edition)
H.L. Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789350356968
  • year : 2016
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The prime purpose of this revised edition is to broaden the clarifications, ratio of decided cases and to retain, to the fullest extent, the direct and simple approach of the authors with its emphasis on short words and brief sentences that have been so phenomenally useful in understanding the ratio of judgements. Emphasis has been laid on case study of the important judgement by giving the brief facts so that the readers could apply the ratios for clarity in understanding the principles as laid down. The book, we pictured, is concise and practical, but very much enough to provide every information about rights of the employers over their employees. The table of cases will bear the testimony that the case laws have been updated as far as possible incorporating recent decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Courts. While revising this book, we have been conscious of the fact that it has earned a reputation and we have tried to be as careful as possible to maintain its standard of excellence and object of the book. Enlarged and reoriented, this revised edition is enriched with abundant material distributed in several chapters with appropriate models and precedents. Each chapter deals with a specific subject and is prefaced with adequate exposition of the legal principles involved and suitable guidelines have been indicated with a view to their practical application. We are confident that the book will be of immense assistance not only to the employers to know their rights, particularly under labour laws, but also the employees.