Ecocriticism and Environmental Praxis
Edited by Shivani Jha
  • ISBN : 9789384092238
  • year : 2017
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The anthropogenic impact on the environment has led to devastating consequences and irreversible damage to both humans and nonhumans. Environmentalists warn that the damage incurred so far threatens to intensify further due to the lack of adequate corrective measures. The Humanities cannot remain unresponsive towards this deterioration. The effort is directed towards erasing the binary opposition between Nature and Culture in favour of a more holistic and anti-schismatic existence. The growing field of Ecocriticism has expanded and crossedboundaries into numerous areas including Environmental Studies, Postmodern Geography,Neurobiology and many others; all leading to the common aim of sensitizing humans to environmental health and the survival of the non-human world, in the spirit of environmental justice. The book addresses this concern taking into consideration texts for their pronounced bioethical and biophilic awareness. This compilation of essays and adds to the existing discourse by bringing all three aspects of criticism-the critical paradigm of ecocriticism, its need and application-in one volume.