Dictionary of Tourism (Hardbound)
B. Nandhakumar
  • ISBN : 9789352620210
  • year : 2016
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Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world become of greater disposable incomes is an economic activity of immense global significance. Tourism as an academic subject is offered within and often between a variety of broader fields of study, including economic, business and management, geography and the social sciences. The majority of tourism courses, however, are offered by schools of business and management. Their primary focus is on the scope and significance of tourism as a business. The approach taken by this dictionary is in keeping with such courrses. This dictionary aims to provide the basic vocabulary of terms used in the leisure, travel and tourism industries; the fields covered include hotels and guesthouses, travel, insurance and health and safety, together with terms relating to general business, such as accounts, personnel, etc. This dictionary specially focuses on the new trends and development in the tourism industry while giving it a perspective with the evolution of travel, tourism, hospitality and distribution. This dictionary includes more than 4500 entries. The major part explains terms, acronyms and abbreviations.