Contextual Teaching and Learning: The Effective Strategy for Contextualization of Teaching and Learning
Bindu M R
  • ISBN : 9788177084542
  • year : 2017
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Education is a catalytic factor which leads to development of resources comprising better health and nutrition, improved socio-economic opportunities and more congenial and beneficial natural environment for all. Education is important in the development process for two reasons. Firstly, it can be viewed as an end in itself as it improves the perception of life of the people. Secondly, education leads to formation of human capital and is an important investment in the development process. The system of education has a determining influence on the rate at which economic progress is achieved and the benefits which can be derived from it. Economic development naturally makes growing demands on human resources and in a democratic set up, it calls for values and attitudes in the building up in which the quality of education is an important element. It is important to ensure that teaching and learning takes place in an enjoyable and meaningful environment. Each individual is unique and modern education system considers each student as a cultural capital and an autonomous learner. Taking account of pupils