Changing Dimensions: Globalisation, Democracy, Culture, Communication and New Communication Technologies
Charu Lata Singh
  • ISBN : 9789385909979
  • year : 2017
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This book is an attempt to put light on various issues and challenges in relation to Globalisation, Democracy, Culture and Communication in wake of New Communication Technologies. Different chapters in the book try to cover different areas of study which we are witnessing in our day to day intercepts. All the chapters also present the theoretical aspects to base the arguments on logical reasoning. The chapters are then built on to explain the study following an exploratory approach. The chapters are therefore complete in their own extents and are connected to each other as well, as they are sewn together with the thread of the changing dimensions at new communication technologies. The book is divided into eight chapters. An overview on New Media, Communication and Society is presented to give an overall view on the topic.