Business Excellence Through Process Management
Manik Kher
  • ISBN : 9789386385451
  • year : 2017
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Quality is an attitude to be acquired. This book tells you how to do this in the wake of the transition from the sellers' market to buyers' due to globalization. Gone are the days of selling inferior goods as 'seconds' to consumers. Based on the author's extensive field-work in industries, this study traces this change in the shift of quality to the centre stage of business. A number of tools of quality management such as Lean Manufacturing, PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle, Poka-yoke, Five Ss, Surveys, Benchmarking, Six Sigma and Total Productive Maintenance have been discussed in detail. The book fills the chasm between theory and practice, between the academia and professionals. This book provides a window to the current practices of process management and business excellence in industry. It presents some of the best and current practices of process management and provides good learning for engineering and management students aspiring to enter industry of any kind and working professionals seeking knowledge upgradation. Most importantly, the book conveys the message that quality is not for a customer alone; it is also for providing self accomplishment in work. With concrete examples from Indian industries, this book shows how quality and business excellence can be achieved by improving every nuance of a work process. Economic liberalization has ended the era of the sellers' market giving way to the buyers' market. The need for survival in market competition made manufacturers quality conscious. Quality, however, was only one of the factors for surviving competition. This book analyses process management of some of the best Indian products, such as the Electronic Voting Machine, Amul butter and Tata Sponge iron. It shows how process management leads to business excellence and helps inculcate good practices in improving quality of products and processes.