Business and Society: Contemporary Issues
Dr P V Khatri
  • ISBN : 9788182209183
  • year : 2017
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The present book Business and Society examines interrelation among business, society and government and their responsibility to serve humanity. Over the past several decades, one of the great discussions within capitalism has centered on defining exactly what a business is and what its obligations are to society at large and to the many stakeholders participating in business systems, including customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and communities. The 21st century finds businesses nested in over multiple jurisdictions, where cultures and values are changing and that are increasingly beset by crises such as disasters of the natural environment. Global business citizenship is discussed as not only a socially responsible and ethical way for firms to proceed but as a sensible and effective way of fitting with the requirements of our time. Hope this book will be useful to the scholars, teachers, professionals and social activists.