BRICS: An Anti Capitalist Critique
Edited by Patrick Bond and Ana Garcia
  • ISBN : 9789350023785
  • year : 2016
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One of the defining features of the global economy is the rise of the BRICS - a bloc of emerging economies, comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These nations seem to be growing at a much faster rate than the developed nations of the Eurozone and North America. Will the BRICS help drag the developed world out of the economic mire? Will they force social change and innovation into the tired old world order ? And politically, do they herald a new dawn for democracy or do they represent a continued political repression? BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique is an edited collection which aims to answer these questions by offering critical analysis of the rise of the BRICS economies within the framework of a predatory, exclusionary and unequal global capitalism. A range of approaches to the emergence of new economies of the global South are included, which are variously co-operative and antagonistic to the traditional powers. Bringing to light a new perspective on these nations, this is an invaluable book for those who want to understand the current geopolitical and economic landscape from an anti-capitalist viewpoint.