Bhartiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan : Prastavna : Bhashaka Svatva-Volume 1, Part 1 (Peoples Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI)) (Hindi)
Ganesh Devy
  • ISBN : 9789386689092
  • year : 2017
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The Peoples' Linguistic Survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nation-wide survey of Indian languages especially languages of fragile communities such as nomadic, coastal, island, hill and forest communities. This book is Part 1 of Volume 1 ( Prastavana : Bhashaka Svatva (Hindi)) of The People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) undertaken and executed by Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Baroda. The first volume of the PLSI series brings to the reader the journey undertaken in 2010, by a group of visionaries led by Dr G.N. Devy to document the languages of India as they existed then. The aim of the People's Linguistic Survey of India was to document these languages, spoken in India's remotest corners. India's towns and cities too have found a voice in this survey. What this journey did was to bring a groundswell of support from people from all walks of life, leading to The Being of Bhasha. This volume discusses the living Indian languages; language : speech and writing; what is People's Linguistic Survey about; The PLSI process; and the Being of Bhasha followed by four appendinces on some growing non-scheduled languages; UNESCO list of languages in danger; unclassified mother tongues in the 1961 Census; and the list of Indian languages known to the country.