Best Practices in Academic Libraries
Edited by Shilpa Satish Waghchoure
  • ISBN : 9788170007753
  • year : 2016
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The global changes, particularly in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have had an impact on the functioning of academic libraries. The developments in ICT have changed the users' expectations in different ways, causing the ways librarians build a collection and give services to the end users to vary from recent past practices. To meet the demands of end-users effectively, the academic libraries need to identify and adopt good practices and benchmarks. Library and information system (LIS)?management is the basic and core activity which helps the user community in identifying and accessing knowledge resources in an academic institution. It is comprised of the activities performed in relation to the development of vision, mission and policies of the library, stock verification methods, budgeting and reporting, manpower development, basic amenities and facilities, as well as collection development management or information resources development. LIS management is also concerned with strategic planning of LIS in present and future operations. Identifying and internalizing best practices in the management and administrative functions at regular intervals would enhance the collection development process, services dissemination, and use of the library as a whole. A total of 21 case studies from various institutions have been presented here in an attempt to compile the case studies of the best practices used by the contributors in their libraries. This book will help the library professional who want to get NAAC accreditation in their institutions. [Subject: Library and Information Science]