Be A Habitual Winner
Dr Keshab Nandy
  • ISBN : 9789352730438
  • year : 2017
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Being born in a humble background in an Indian village, the easier option for me like many others was to readily give up and flow with the tides of life. But my mother with a very elementary education who was the most powerful force in my life, in her own understanding and wisdom used to tell me in my childhood days about the lesser forms of life like fish, chicken and more strikingly the reluctant goats being hollered by the village butcher and she would be philosophically telling me that nobody has control over his next life and that we may well be born as any of these forms in our next birth and face the cycle. Life, as a human being, is the biggest blessing of God and since it may or may not come to us again, we must be in a hurry to explore our full potential in this life by perennially dreaming big and chasing the big dreams with all passion. She very often cited many examples from Mahabharata and Ramayana while she was singing out pages loudly to admiring womenfolk in the village. She would explain how hitting the rotating eye of the fish by arrow on the dot was the big dream for Arjuna to win competition for Draupadi; and he achieved this by sheer passion. I might not have hit the fish-eye always, but I have not missed many either. Despite being strangled with several daunting constraints and formidable adversities in life, I have always emerged much stronger