Autumn Showers: Agriculture Challenges
Lata Vishwanath
  • ISBN : 9788179935323
  • year : 2017
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While growing up in northern India, away from her native place, the author was often intrigued by her agriculturist grandfather's constant letters to the Indian government. More than a decade after his death, she delves deep into the letters he left behind and unravels a fascinating saga of her agriculturist family in her ancestral village in the southern state of Karnataka. In an evocative narrative that spans over a century, the author takes the readers on a journey to her ancestral land and depicts her grandfather's life through the various anecdotes she has collected over time. A dedicated farmer, he passionately fought for farmers' rights till the end of his life. Part memoir, part history and part reportage bordering on fiction, Autumn Showers narrates the dynamic tale of the quintessential Indian society woven closely around agriculture and also details the challenges agriculture today faces in India and the world.