As it Happened: Amazing Tell-Tales of Army Life
Brig Kanwaljit Singh
  • ISBN : 9788178359533
  • year : 2016
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This book is an anthology of incidents as witnessed by the author. He has selections from different periods, places and happenings. He has added stories and his own punch lines to give air to his perceptions. Critique, pun, lessons and morals are inbuilt in his style of description. While his selection is meaningful to the time, his depiction is simple yet full of insight-explanatory, subtle and witty. His characterization is according to situations, culture, ethos and developments. The episodes, incidents and stories are, to an extent, relative to his family, upbringing and prevailing environment, military or civil, at different periods. Hence at times they appear subjective yet unattached thus objective to emerging situations. The Book is very informative on amazing military life, narrated in a flowing style that shall be equally enjoyed by the civilian readers as by the services personnel.