Articles on Literary Luminaries
Edited by Dr Ashish Gupta and Ram Avadh Prajapati
  • ISBN : 9788184354997
  • year : 2017
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The present book is a collection of well explored articles written by litterateurs. The book has a wide range of reading in Indian English and Women Writing. It contains different topics of discussion on different issues. Different aspects of literary treasure can be found in this book. In Each and every article there has been well explored a new dimension. Articles of this book have been managed thematically and technically. Some articles have been written on women writers and some other on male Indian writers. Writing about women is not new approach in literature. It has been in our sensibility since the dawn of human values and civilization. In classical literature we find references about women writing. Modern age witnessed creative revolution in the field of writing about women and women writers. Women writers have been getting proper respect and value for their writings and views. A large number of women writers have established themselves as writers. Articles have been written presenting some untouched issues on the writers.