Appointment of judges in the Supreme Court of India: constitution, Convention and controversies Hardcover
Shailendra Kumar Foreword by Mr Salman Khurshid
  • ISBN : 9789382823667
  • year : 2017
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Appointment of judges and its process is the most vital aspect of the independence of judiciary, also a basic feature of the Constitution of India. Our Constitution enshrines various provisions for the independence of judiciary but preferred accountability to the autonomy by vesting the authority of appointment in the Executive in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, as judiciary cannot be held accountable in the manner as the Executive. However the Apex Court ruled that the Judiciary cannot be independent if the primacy in not vested in the opinion of the Chief Justice of India, and invented the collegium, paving way to the endless criticisms and controversies. This book reviews the appointment of judges in the erstwhile Federal Court, the Supreme Court of India, since its inception and incorporates the constitutionally provided mechanism, any convention developed so far in the appointment of judges and related controversies arose while appointment taking place in the institution and thereafter, if any. Concisely written, incorporating important facts and information as well as analytical comments on the appointment of judges in the Apex Court, the book also discusses the developments, reforms, discussions, suggestions, criticism and involved controversies in the process of appointment of judges