An Introduction to Fair Use and Copyright Management of Universities in India
Sabuj Kumar Chaudhuri
  • ISBN : 9788193359747
  • year : 2017
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Copyrighting facilitates further creations by the society on one hand, and prevents use the copyright of creative works on the other. World Social Science Report 2016 published by the United Nations emphasizes the prevalence of knowledge inequality in our society. This inequality is inevitable if we do not practice fair use of knowledge. Advancement of learning and promotion of scholarship in higher education in developing countries like India depends on effective use of the pre-existing copyrighted works. In a 2016 landmark judgement in the Delhi High Court, the Court upheld that view. This book identifies the genesis and provisions of fair use in the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. Fair use has always been considered a grey area by legal pundits, but it can also act as a safety valve to bring balance in society for the further advancement of knowledge. The book includes a 'How-To-Determine' format to analyze a plethora of national and international case studies, including academic communities at the university level. Included is a balanced copyright management policy written for Indian universities, many of which do not currently have a copyright policy in place. This book also examines fair use provisions in the related acts in the countries included in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)s. Concise but penetrating, An Introduction to Fair Use and Copyright Management of Universities in India will prove handy and practical to faculty members, researchers, and students at the university level.