ADVANCED DIRECTORY Disease & Scientific Cured in Homoeopathy
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  • year : 2003
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Homoeopathy has been viewed, by most of the doctors, as an art of healing because its healing science, scientific principles of energy generation and the science of potency of medicine remained unknown and unexplained since the era of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. Thus to know its science, I started exploring original homoeopathy. During my research studies, some truths of homoeo science were discovered - which have enabled me to discover the science of homoeopathy i.e. Nuclear Homoeopathy. During my research it has been proved that homoeopathy is not an art of healing but a science rather higher science of cure in the world. My work has changed all empirical rules, beliefs and facts into scientific laws of the practical homoeopathy. This work aptly explains the science of the fact that the more dilute a remedy is, the more potent it becomes. Nuclear homoeopathy has explored the science of the processes in homoeopathy, i.e. the science of potentiation, succussion, energy generation in the base alcohol. Moreover, scientific rules of potentiation, succussion etc. have been explained at length. Therefore, it is the need of the day to recognise this work.