Academic Libraries: Issues and Challenges
Edited by R J Maurya Foreword by Prof. M P Dube
  • ISBN : 9788182748866
  • year : 2016
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Libraries are center of creation, processing and dissemination of knowledge which preserves knowledge for and by the generations. The development in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have brought changes in the process of knowledge creation, processing, dissemination and preservation. It has eased the work of library professionals, at the same time raised several new issues like explosive growth of information, duplication, changes in users information seeking behavior and rapid change in technologies etc. With the ultimate goal to serve the society, the library and information specialists are expected to play major role in the process of consolidation of information in knowledge based society with the proper use of ICT. In the book the issues of library world such as content management, In-house practices, IPR and other technical issues have been covered. The book draws attention on ICT application in academic libraries, users` expectation in electronic environment, digital preservation, benchmarking, digital resources, use of social media in dissemination of library services and quality related issues. The book has also insight on professional face of information specialist and new services of information centers in digital age. The articles of the book cover following five areas of academic library: