A Window to Her Dreams Paperback
Harshali Singh
  • ISBN : 9789385854286
  • year : 2016
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Aruna, a young divorcee, marries Bhuvan, an averagely successful young man. Both make promises of ever after with preconceived expectations?hers, freedom from a judgmental society and validation of herself and his, unconditional love and partnership. Despite their best intentions, life plays rogue. On the one hand, Aruna?s learned conditioning, developed as a result of her past, keeps coming in the way of their married normalcy and on the other, Bhuvan cannot fathom the signs of her distress. Their good intentions are tried at every step until the day when Aruna?s past revisits her. Bhuvan?s silences, Aruna?s distrust and the resurrection of her troublesome past lead to a downward spiral in their life that shakes Aruna to the core. As she stands on the precipice of a second failed marriage, Aruna tries one last time to take control of her life, something she had willingly surrendered last time. Does she succeed in saving her marriage? Or is she held back by her own apprehensions, choosing to stay victim?