A People's History of India 5 : Mauryan India Paperback (7th edition)
Irfan Habib and Vivekananda Jha (
  • ISBN : 9789382381624
  • year : 2017
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Mauryan India, as part of the People s History of India series, covers the period from about 350 bc to about 185 bc, thereby encompassing the invasion of Alexander (327 325 bc) and the history of the Mauryan Empire (c.324 185 bc). There is a detailed account of the inscriptions of Ashoka and their significance. A picture of the economy, society and culture of the time follows, constructed out of the varied sources available, epigraphic, textual and archaeological. An effort is made throughout to keep the reader abreast of recent discoveries, and to share with him the reasons for all conclusions and inferences. There are special notes on Mauryan chronology, the date of theArthashastra, the science of epigraphy, and the dialects of Ashokan Prakrit. As many as fifteen excerpts from Indian and Greek sources, including ten full edicts of Ashoka, are provided.